• Carole Winters

At the age of 10, I identified as an artist. Since then, my personal and professional decisions have been guided by this realization.

I am descended from German and Appalachian immigrants who settled in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area decades ago. But most of my childhood was spent close to Niagara Falls and rural Western New York. My early work is based on my experiences there.

When I was 13, my father died suddenly and our family moved back to Northern Kentucky, where I completed high school. I studied figure drawing at the Art Academy of Cincinnati while still in high school. I earned a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in printmaking from Morehead State University in Kentucky’s Appalachian foothills (living in the mountains for four plus years was an experience in itself). Returning to Cincinnati, I focused my attention toward a career in graphic design as an extension of fine art printmaking. After working within various printing and publishing companies in a variety of roles, such as art director and publisher, I transitioned to working as a self-employed graphic designer and visual artist.

From 2015 to 2022, I served on the all-volunteer board of directors (including the 2021 as Director) for Tiger Lily Press, a non-profit fine art printmaking studio in Cincinnati. The torch has been passed to the next generation of printmakers.

And I continue my life-long journey as an artist.